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Our Story:


Our experience in the area of translations dates back to the year 1994 when our founder provided translation services during his time as a student at Auburn University in Alabama. 


Throughout the years, he served a variety of customers in a professional capacity. After becoming a Christian, his focus shifted from industry-related work to serving the Kingdom of God and His Church. 


His personal work includes serving as a missionary and pastor. Our organization remains highly committed and engaged in taking the Gospel to the nations, not only when we partner with other ministries, but also in the mission field.  


Today, our organization has expanded to include other dedicated professionals to serve the growing demand of translators for documents, books, live messages, processes, media, movies, and many more.


We are 100% committed to assisting our ministry partners, clients, and Christian bretheren with guaranteed and dedicated translation solutions.


At Ministry Translations, Inc. we are all native speakers of the language(s) we cover. In addition to our professional expertise, we are committed to maintaining the integrity and fidelity to the original material provided by our clients. 
We serve in a variety of functions such as: translating books and literary works, manuals and study guides, learning and development content, website content, sermons, movie/video subtitles, voice overs, as well as simultaneous translations during an event. 
Some of our team members have served as simultaneous translators for world renown speakers and pastors such as Francis Chan, Britt Merick, and many others. 
Although we are solely dedicated to the translation of Christian ministry material, we have served in a variety of translation roles including corporate, law enforcement, court/legal, medical, and other professional functions. 



 "After Francis Chan preached, some people asked if we had pre-recorded the message in Spanish because the translator was so in tune with the Holy Spirit and the speaker, and never missed a beat. Thanks for a great job!" N.R. - Event Coordinator



 "Our proofreaders have said there's very little for them to do since your translator has done a very good job. You have managed to captivate and properly convey the essence and meaning of our book." T.W. - Pastor/Missionary



 "Our experience has been so much better this time since we have had a designated translator for our team. It has helped us to connect with our audience in a way we haven't been able to before." P.J. - Pastor 



 "Thank you for your help translating my book. I am confident it will be a blessing to the Spanish speakers. Thank you for your willingness and flexibility." V.Z. - Author / Church Leader

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